In 2016, Giant became the first major manufacturer to begin delivering new bikes with Tubeless System technology already installed on its performance models. This allows consumers and retailers to avoid the usual hassles of adding rim tape, valves and sealant on their own, and instead experience tubeless performance right out of the box. Now Giant has expanded that technology to all levels of riders, a step that is revolutionizing the cycling experience for a broad range of cyclists. This system delivers three key benefits:


The Giant Tubeless System offers everything you need. With a full collection of WheelSystems, tires, tools and accessories, this is your one-stop shop for the tubeless experience.


100% GUARANTEED COMPATIBILITY: Giant Tubeless System products go through four validation processes at the Giant research and development facility to guarantee complete compatibility within each targeted cycling category.

ENHANCED DURABILITY: Four additional validation processes ensure that the products meet optimal durability standards in extreme conditions.

THE RESULT: When you assemble Giant Tubeless System products, you can be confident that they are designed to work as a total system.


The Giant Tubeless System improves performance in four key areas: Efficiency, Control, Comfort and Safety.

EFFICIENCY: Lighter weight, lower rolling resistance and WheelSystems with Dynamic Balanced Lacing create lighter, smoother and faster performance.

CONTROL: CONTROL: Lower air pressure, combined with proprietary silica-based compounds, results in improved traction and control under fast cornering and hard braking.

COMFORT: Lower tire pressure means less road vibration is translated to the rider, resulting in a smoother ride quality.

SAFETY: Tubeless tires are less prone to pinch flats, and the sealant seals small holes. This significantly reduces the likelihood of sudden deflation and allows riders to maintain better control of the bike.

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